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tv   WVBT Local News  FOX  March 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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15:41:37 --------------------- a community comes together to discuss the local economy -- as two big name stores prepare to shut their doors. planned. the update to a case we've been following for months. police are making progress with nearly a dozen shootings across hampton roads the past couple days. in norfolk, officers arrested two men for a deadly incident. 22-year-old elisha hernandez from newport news and 35-year-old mondozer masters from hampton both face murder charges. police believe they killed robert knight the third in the ocean view area saturday. 10 on your side's matt gregory has been following the story since then. he joins us now with the update. police have charged the two with murder and attempted robbery. even with the arrests neighbors tell 10 on your side they feel trapped by fear. they want something to change. the modest memory left behind from saturday's shooting on kingston avenue.
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knight the 3rd, a man neighbors like curtis rodarnel didn't know. but saturday he saw knight's van smashed against the wall. curtis rodarnel / tried to help victim c0022 15:37:07 "gas was revving obviously couldnt go anywhere beause it was already into the wall. i tried to wake the guy up and tried to make sure he was all right." 15:37:15 norfolk police say someone shot knight while sat in the driver seat of his van. they say the pair tried victim c0022 15:38:03 "apparently the car that guess that car was the found elisha hernandez from and mondozer masters. curtis rodarnel / tried to help victim c0022 14:52:44 "the guys they caught hopefully thats really them because that way someone out here everyone out here feels alittle safer and its more justice. its actual justice." 14:42:54 but even that wont put curtis rodarnel at ease. curtis rodarnel / tried to help victim c0022 15:41:28 "we're gonna nieghborhood at least in the middle of nowhere or something."
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a feeling of safety ripped apart by a murder in broadday light. norfolk police have not said which of the two men shot robert knight. or why they shot him. only that both men have beenm charged with attempted robbery as well. matt gregory 10 on yoru side. since friday, police have been investigating at least eight shootings across hampton roads. three in norfolk, one each in newport news, hampton, virginia beach and portsmouth. so far officers have only caught suspects in two cases, including the one we just told you about. see information from all of them on wavy- dot-com. if you can help police with any case, call the crime line at 1-888-lock-u-up. you never have to give your name. you may even earn a reward. new tonight. the city of norfolk has responded to claims linking this weekend's violence to unfilled positions in the police department. city officials say there are always between 20-25 vacancies posted to account for things like retirement and recruiting
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the city says it does not leave them empty to save money, as sheriff bob mccabe, a candidate for mayor, suggested today. sot - sheriff bob mccabe, norfolk mayoral candidate - clip 1 6:25:07 we need to make sure we fully find our police department 6:25:11 so that they can address different things that are happening in our city. 6:25:15 fellow mayoral candidates, councilman andy protogyrou and state senator kenny alexander disagreed with mccabe -- sot - andy protogyrou, norfolk mayoral candidate - clip 6 6:38:21 there are no unfunded or left open positions to make budget. the city's never done it police funding. 6:38:31 phoner board/senator kenny alexander, norfolk mayoral candidate 17:02:27 if there are additional needs in equipment and resources. and if so that request should come from the current police chief and the city manager. norfolk residents will pick the next mayor may 3rd. firefighters in hampton say a man has to find all because fire damaged his home. we got these pictures from the scene on south boxwood street. that's a neighborhood right next to woodlands golf course.
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in the kitchen and damaged the first floor of his home, but they did not mention any injuries. all new tonight -- chesapeake police say they're investigating an armed robbery. they say he hit a business in the battlefield boulevard shopping center around 8 tonight. police say he had some kind of weapon and demanded cash. they say he got away and no one was hurt. we're working to learn more about exactly which business he hit. we'll let you know when we have an update. gloucester county deputies say a man attacked his wife before killing himself today. the victim told them it started when her estranged husband broke in and hit her with a mallet. she told deputies he also shot through the back door of her home in the seawall avenue area. then deputies say he got into her vehicle and started driving. when they pulled him over, he killed himself. investigators say they're not identifying the people involved out of respect for the couple's children. they say the woman has a concussion. state police arrested a suffolk man they say was cooking meth in two different places. 44-year-old brian warren faces charges tonight.
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shed on elwood road this morning -- where they say they found one of warren's labs. troopers say they found another about a mile away on glen haven drive. neighbors tell us, they had no idea about what was going on, until they saw the investigation. super=bridget anderson/neighbor outcue=was shocked runs=:19 45=1:04:56 "i knew that it had to be some sort of terrible drug situation but i didn't know what i didn't even put two and two together about what kind of drugs i just knew it must be major for them. to be dressed up in their big white suits like they were going to mars or something it was really scary i was shocked" investigators say they also found weed at warren's home. he's in jail tonight. virginia beach police have promised to crack down on people who threaten the city's schools -- whether they mean it or not. they followed-through today. two students face charges after virginia beach police say they threatened landstown high school. officers increased security today -- as a precaution. they say a student's parent told them about the electronic
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them to the suspects. tonight superintendent dr. aaron spence is reiterating his same message from last year -- that schools have zero tolerance for these threats. dr. aaron spence - virginia beach schools superintendent c0014 - 453 we don't know when children are being, are trying to just be heard, or if it's a cry for help or if they're sure we investigate. 503 safety is our top priority in the school division and we want to work with the police department and make sure that we ensure that happens 509 dr. spence says the school has started a campaign encouraging students to use social media safely and responsibly. a school principal in gates county has been suspended for 30 days. the sheriff tells 10 on your side that person was escorted off school property friday. he could not tell us the names of the school or the principal involved, but he did say the school board is investigating some kind of misconduct. we've reached out to the school superintendent, and we'll let you know when we have an update. investigators are still
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six people, including two children, in chesapeake. police say no one was seriously hurt. the head investigators say they are still trying to determine how this happened. all new tonight -- wesley hadsell will not be sentenced on federal weapons charges this month. he will also need a new lawyer. a judge granted his attorney's request to withdraw from his case due to a conflict of interest. hadsell pleaded guilty to having ammunition when police searched his hotel room last year. the discovery happened while police were looking for his adopted daughter a-j. and investigators found her body in franklin weeks later. they have not named hadsell a that case. the sentencing guidelines say he could face up to life in prison for the weapons hearing happens. we'll be sure to let you know. 10 on your side revisited this case -- since hadsell disappeared one year ago last week. hear from her family and the latest from police by looking for it on wavy dot com.
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sentenced a man to eight years behind bars for causing a deadly crash in suffolk. wesley johns pleaded guilty to manslaughter, texting while driving and drug charges last year. 052615-ftkqvc4k police say he used heroin before getting behind the wheel in february. they say johns lost control and crashed into another vehicle on whaleyville boulevard. 84-year-old bernice brooks and 60-year- old teresa brown from north carolina both died. after seven days of emotional testimony and six hours of deliberation -- a jury in nashville has awarded sports reporter erin andrews 55-million- dollars for a stalking lawsuit. that person secretly recorded her naked in a hotel room eight years ago and shared it. andrews sued the hotel and convicted stalker, michael barrett, for 75- million dollars due to the emotional distress she suffered. barett testified from jail via video -- admitting he was wrong -- but andrews says he can't change what he did. michael barrett - i felt bad for her. i felt bad
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the ripple affect was going to thing that really hits home for me and hurts me the worst is when girls... high school, college... they tweet me and they say i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. and i cant control that. barrett will be responsible for paying about 28-million and the hotel company will pay about 26-million. flags flew at half staff today in honor of former first lady nancy reagan. she passed away this weekend at 94-years- old. she will be buried next to her husband president ronald reagan on friday. nancy met her husband while they were both working in hollywood. she left to make his life's work her own -- playing a supporting role as a he rose to the white house. later on speaking out against drugs and meeting with foreign politicians. president obama acknowledged her legacy. president obama sot: "i know how much she meant not just to president
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the country as a whole ." she cared for her husband alzheimers. well-known big name businesses. tonight, a meeting about what they're getting in return. words from a firefighter drawing fire from a local city government. why this union president has been suspended. hundreds of gallons of paint in the water. sounds bad. looks questionable. but
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employees and shoppers will soon feel the loss of two businesses in hampton. macy's and sports authority say they'll be shutting down. the stores are blocks
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near coliseum drive and cunningham. tonight the local naacp met to go over economic development in the city. 10 on your side's liz palka was at bethel a-m-e on lincoln street for the discussion. liz? macy's and sports authority come up. so did other big changes that are happening in the city. such as the purchase of riverdale shopping center. this meeting was hosted by the naacp...but several city leaders were in attendance. including city manager mary bunting. and mayor george wallace. economic development director leonard sledge gave the presentation. which economic changes in the businesses, restaurants, and jobs. he said 29-hundred new jobs were announced in fiscal year 2014 to 2015. some of those jobs are still being phased in as the companies set up. sot -- leonard sledge - economic development director c2 6:39:05 - and i think one thing that's important for closing all of their stores in hampton roads.
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are constantly working to backfill those spaces with the property owners. :16 sledge said - they have not figured out what will go into macy's and sports authority properties. those retail stories - both big names. what about the small businesses in hampton that are seeing major changes. coming up on our sister station wavy news 10 at 11...hear from one of those concerned business owners...and what she needs from the city right now. liz palka, 10 on your side. several local tourist attractions will get a cut of more than 800-thousand dollars in state funding. that includes 10-thousand for holiday lights at the beach and santa's seaside village; 25-thousand for the richmond ballet in norfolk and more than 35-thousand for the james river association. governor mcauliffe hopes local marketing money will help the attractions
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(anchors ad lib toss to don) (anchors ad lib toss to tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night mostly clear, with a low around 50. southwest wind 5-10. wednesday: sunny, with a high near 75. southwest wind 5 to 10. a ribbon cutting planned for a local housing community - how it's catering to
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a son saves his dad from a burning home -- hear him explain his decision to run back into the flames. i'm bruce rader and coming up in 25 minutes on the an emotional peyton manning announces his retirement, it's something your not going to want to miss. the redskins make some bold moves. the high school state basketball tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night mostly clear, with a low around 50. southwest wind 5-10. wednesday: sunny, with a
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wind 5 to 10. tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night mostly clear, with a low around 50. southwest wind 5-10. wednesday: sunny, with a high near 75. southwest wind 5 to 10. tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to wednesday: sunny, with a high near 75. southwest
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a ribbon cutting planned for a local housing community - how it's catering to those in need. a son saves his dad from
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him explain his decision to run back into the flames. i'm bruce rader and coming up in 25 minutes on the an emotional peyton manning announces his retirement, it's something your not going to want to miss. the redskins make some bold moves. the high school state basketball tournament final two rounds began tonight, i'll tell you how our local teams did. all the nascar news on monday thunder and the meac basketball tournament began
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a local firefighter has been suspended for talking to the media specifically-- 10 on your side. rusty quillin, who is also the fire union president, discussed staffing shortages in portsmouth last year. the city manager's officer decided to suspend him for it. 10 on your side's deanna leblanc investigates whether the punishment fits what actually happened. a week after a firefighter in portsmouth was suspended without pay for speaking with the media - the fire union spokesman tells us - they overturned. nathan clark c001 53:58 this is wrong. basically they're attempting to restrict his first amendment rights question is rusty quillin, a captain with 20 years of service. he's also president of the iaff local 539 - the
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he spoke to us in november and december, over concerns frozen vacancies were impacting department response, putting firefighters and the public at risk. "we need more bodies on the street. we need more personnel. we're short-staffed," imprvento c001 1:40:20 this is so clearly protected speech that one has to wonder what portsmouth is thinking about. 1:40:27 attorney mike imprevento, has represented unions for two decades. he says cities can restrict some employee comments. but union speech is protected under federal law. mike imprevento c005 speak out on matters of public concern. we called every member of city council, plus the mayor and the city manager. most did not answer. councilman mark whitaker said he believes quillin did a "disservice to the public" in talking to us. he cited a december interview where quillin talked about response times to a fatal fire. whitaker believes quillin "politicized" the fatality, and presented mis-information. 49:59 it's trying to get the information out, to
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try to prevent a possible tragedy from happening. clark says the number of vacancies on the department is approaching 40. a city spokeswoman says there are 4 vacancies that could be filled under the current budget. im dl 10 on your side. 10 on your side's deanna leblanc reporting. if you'd like to watch our previous interview with rusty quillin, we put links to them with this story on wavy dot com. a demonstration getting down and dirty. why police arrested several protesters in richmond a community has spent close to a year rebuilding from riots --
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tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night around 50. southwest wind 5-10.
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wind 5 to 10. tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night mostly clear, with a low around 50. southwest wind 5-10. wednesday: sunny, with a high near 75. southwest
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firefighters in chesapeake say a paint spill should not have a major impact on the environment. it's a follow-up to our report from friday, when 500 gallons of paint spilled into a drain of the south hill community. 10 on your side's lex gray spoke to investigators about the clean-up efforts. robert mccall still doesn't know exactly what's turned the water behind his house a milky gray. on friday - workers were parked in front of his house and down the street, pumping something out. he says he was concerned by what they told him: (45) 19:19 we are dealing with an environmental catastrophe and this is a flammable sealant. but 10 on your side found out -- that's very unlikely. captain scott saunders with the chesapeake fire department says investigators are now certain -- this is paint, not something more hazardous.
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that reassurance? absolutely. in a proper world, they would come to us and assure us. and that hasn't happened yet? oh no, no, not in the least. :46 saunders says protocol for notifying people depends on the threat -- and in this case, the threat is already contained. investigators do still have to figure out whether the paint is latex or water-based. they sent samples to the state lab, which could take weeks to come back. i spoke to the executive director of the elizabeth river project about the impact of the spill. 47:17 i think it's good that the city is to) 47:36 in the scheme of things, it's certainly not good, certainly not anything we want to see happen again or in the future, but in the scheme of things, it's not armageddon, it's not the end of the world. (butted to) 47:55 the impacts to the larger elizabeth river should be pretty minor. :59 lex gray toys investigators tell us
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did it so they could sell the buckets for scrap metal. they say they have a suspect and may press charges when they get results back from the state lab. more than a dozen people face charges tonight for staging a sit-in over coal ash permits. richmond police arrested 17 protesters for tresspassing at the department of environmental quality. the group is calling on the agency to repeal permits that allow the release of coal ash waste water into state rivers. dominion virginia power says it does treat the water before releasing it into the potomac and james. coal ash is a by-product of using coal for energy. it can be toxic. the fight against pollution is bringing marine scientists to gloucester county. nearly 100 scientists and policy leaders met tonight at the virginia institute of marine science. thier discussion revolved around trash that ends up in waters all over the world -- including virginia. they say plastics and other debris poses a threat to human health and wildlife.
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reducing pollution. virginia's senate has voted to defund planned parenthood. it aims to keep money from the commonwealth's health department from going to the clinics. the same bill has passed the house, so it's headed to governor terry mcauliffe's desk now. the bill's sponsor says the funds would go toward more comprehensive healthcare for women. looking ahead to tomorrow morning -- developers plan to cut the ribbon on a housing community for low-income families. you may have seen the crescent square homes near the intersection of northampton boulevard and diamond springs road in virginia beach. the units will goto a mix of people who have been homeless or make less than 25- thousand dollars a year. the virginia supportive housing organization supported the 12- million dollar project. organizers expect tenants to lease all the units by the end of the month. family members say a son saved his father from a burning home in new mexico. (caleb bisbee/ son) "i had a small, small chance to get him out and i took it." last week, they say a pellet stove caught fire
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inside -- caleb bisbee, his parents, a friend and three pets. everyone made it out safely except caleb's father -- who started calling for help. caleb says he knew he had to go back. caleb bisbee/ son) "i was afraid that if we lost my dad our family would have fallen apart and like i said, my family is the most important thing in my life." the father was badly burned, and he was still in the hospital as of last night. local reporters say he's expected to recover. two pets did not survive. it's been close to a year since riots gripped baltimore. the community banded together in anger after freddie gray died in police custody. while six police officers face charges in his death, the community has been focused on rebuilding. this c-v-s store -- which looters targeted and set on fire -- opened for business again. neighbors and employees say they have a reason to celebrate. "we had to travel far, and far, just to get medication food, low prices, reasonable prices." (butt) (terra breeding,
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"there's a sense of pride, i think for all of us, to kind of let what happened before go, and move forward and look at the future and we still have a need here in the community and we want to be a part of that." another store damaged in the riots also reopened last week. the owner of a giant leprechaun hopes luck runs out for whoever stole it! the reason she says it has a special place in the community. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me,
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. breaking news -- virginia state police tell us missing man. police in prince william county say 78-year-old george coleman walked away from his home tonight. you can see he has green eyes and gray hair. they say he suffers from mental issues, so he may be in danger. if you see him, troopers want you to
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the owner of a giant leprechaun in colorado springs say it's missing tonight. she says it belongs to a non-profit that works with disabled people. bryan says: "everybody is completely baffled as to why anybody would want to steal that. but, despite explanation, someone did steal the six-foot-two cut-out last week. the owner says "lucky" usually makes an appearance at the saint patrick's day parade along with another life-sized comrade. she hopes the thief will return it before the big day. the meac tournament is off and running--- a number of our local high school basketball teams chase state titles-- and an emotional goodbye from peyton manning---all
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" it is something about 18 years, 18 is a good number and today i retire from pro-football." peyton manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks in nfl history finished his career today reflecting, praising the game he loves and thoes that play it. i'm bruce rader, welcome to the sportswrap live on this monday night. petyton manning, the nfl's all-time leader in
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passing yards and the first starting quarterback to win two super bowls with two different teams--made it official today. he is retiring from the game he reveres after helping to lead the denver broncos to a super bowl victory over the then favored carolina panthers. choked with emotion, manning, who turns 40 this month, said the timing was simply right. he admits he dosen't throw the ball as well as he used to, he dosen't run as well as he used to, he has always had good timing and he proved it one more time today. ""when i look back on my nfl career, i'll know without a doubt that i gave everything i had to help my teams walk away with a win. there were other players that were more talented but there was no one who could out-prepare me. and because of that, i have no regrets." he thanked the people of his hometown of new indianapolis colts; the denver broncos;


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